Why, hello there! It’s nice to see you.

We’re Rebeleer- a 3D printed jewelry line based out of Los Angeles and run by one killer couple (Joseph and Janine).

rebeleer team
rebeleer team

Together, we combined our strengths (my creativity and his engineering knowledge) to bring you a jewelry line made for the rebels, geeks, and free-thinkers of the world.


Our jewelry is made in the United States using the latest 3D printing technologies that allow us to create pieces that may not normally be able to exist without the use of this amazing process. Our designs come in a wide array of materials- from nylon to stainless steel to brass and even gold- which allows any piece to fit nicely into your budget because let’s face it, no one wants a case of “the crying wallet”.

Each and every one of our designs first starts as a hand sketch by yours truly in a notebook I have just for Rebeleer (I’m a sucker for office supplies). Many of these sketches are greatly influenced for my love of science, pop culture, and rock-and-roll.

Joseph and I then sit down together, choose a design to work on, and he proceeds to use his magical engineering brain to translate my 2D sketch to a three-dimensional potential-reality using his CAD program of choice. It is here where our minds meld and he engineers the pieces so that they can become a physical possibility.


Our goal- nay, our purpose- is to help you to feel comfortable in your own skin, embrace what makes you the awesome person you are, and to be unafraid of sharing that with the world.

For the most part, jewelry is created as a means of just accessorizing and to look “cute”. We wanted our jewelry to be something more than that. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with just using jewelry as a way of upping the ante on your outfit but, what if jewelry could reflect who you are as a person? What if your jewelry was able to reflect your interests, your dreams in life, or the mood you’re in? Now we’re getting somewhere…

You’re multi-dimensional, beautiful, and an all-around badass: you’re jewelry should reflect that.

In line with our belief that every woman should never be afraid of being true to herself, 10% of every sale we make is set aside to help produce media (short films, feature films, music videos, etc.) created by women and/or that showcases strong female characters in lead roles. Why? Because the types of media women are exposed to is likely to greatly affect her sense of self-worth and we want to see more broad representation of what it means to be a woman. The best part is: our Rebels help us in deciding what project they would like the funds to go to!